DeFiCi - DeFi Crim Investigations

Reported serial scammers known as Cynthia Roy Petion, Eddy Petion, Ricardo Roy Sr of "NovaTech". We have collected various information about the Petions. Press, researchers, reporters and law enforcement officials may email to request copies.

PGV/PGM/CGT -- Manny Delgado -- $60-$80 million "MANNYSCAM" long-con. News video and information archive available via

StableFund -- Varun Datta (AKA "Raychael Kiedos") -- $150 million crypto-rypto. See

DEFI Criminal Investigation Group (TELEGRAM)

Run by "Eliza" -- LINK TO TELEGRAM

We are dedicated to gathering any and all information regarding the many defi crimes of stealing defi investors funds.

Concerted, Funded Fraudsters

Forwarded to telegramster ELIZA, from telegramster VLAD HI MARS:

"Just came accross this investigation. Looks like hundreds if not thousands are crypto scamming slaves. Now I will be even more cautious. I urge you to be too."

Comment posted to telegram in response to the above video alerting on hundreds, thousands scamsters:

"Good find! Kind of like what I had posted several times here over a year ago, about how all the crypto scams seemed somehow related (similar codebase, similar look/operation, etc); but I was dismissed, laughed at. I'm usually ahead of the crowd."

"It was obvious that Manny Delgado was nowhere near smart enough to pull it off on his own (not enough "patients" etc), and that Varun Datta was far 'too slick' and polished (and even Varun had the "hells" thief helper, Holger Sochau). The lying delaying videos posted out-of-order by Manny was the first big indication (and plainly leaking crack in the dam of the adamant believers), and this DW video is further evidence of an underlying, concerting agenda."

"I maintain that the Powers That Shouldn't Be (banksters, SMOM, Vatican, money-changers, etc) were and remain behind the scam, funding it. Why would they? Because (1) they gain the rip-off monies; (2) they disempower and derail leading-edge thinkers and risk-takers; (3) they cause harm to trust in Defi (and generally crypto) and create fear that aids their (the banksters') devilish CBDC initiative as being more 'safe, trustworthy', etc. IIRC, Aischylos had mentioned someone traced accounts to suspected 'larger, darker forces' / organized crime, etc. Thank you for sharing!"

YouTubers / Hypesters

A pattern: social-media/youtubers promote particular projects, sometimes known or suspected scams/scammers. Promoted projects gain thereby, as do the promoters. Project failure evidences/reveals scam; financial collapse ensues; most investors are defrauded. Along the way, the promoters' videos and/or posts are disappeared; everything and everyone is whitewashed, and the cycle is repeated.

Let's eyeball, keep track of involvement and promotion of scams and/or failures. After all, why abide and enrich people who foist losers, and who then, instead of stepping-up to help recover funds and undo damage, they apparently delete evidence/videos, and seemingly slink away to reface and continue on as if no badness had taken place?

youtuber "DeFi Dude" -- OPT, StableFund (all videos disappeared)

youtuber "FUD Farm"

youtuber "James Pelton" -- DeFi Dude OPT project. Question:"What other failed and/or scam projects has James Pelton hyped?" Reply:"Yield Nodes, Goldbridge, Horde, Crypto Program, Safe Fund and many more. Just about every project in his top 10 last year was either a Ponzi or scam. He has a monthly show bragging about how much money he makes...referrals and kickbacks he gets from the Ponzi promoters?" SOURCE

youtuber "Pocket Aces" -- discord admin for Manny Delgado's PGV; iBots "soft-rug"; "Like 90% of what he promotes, fails." SOURCE

youtuber "Truth Seekers" -- OPT, PGV